How to install your window DIY shutters?

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Shutter ComponentsPartsPieces Explained

We make measuring and installing really simple. View our simple to understand guides on how to measure and install our DIY shutters.

Shutters can be hinged directly to the reveals without framework. However, with openings most often out of square, the gaps between the panel and the edge of the opening can be obvious if no framing is used. By placing framing around the shutter, any gaps between the edge of the frame and the reveal can be filled using gap filler for a much neater finish. Framing provides better light block than shutters installed without framing and, particularly on face fit shutters the correct frame will provide the necessary clearance for blades to be fully operational.

Stiles make up the side of every panel and comes standard as D mould.

Hinges will be painted to match the shutter color.

Top rail make up the top of every panel to provide strength through the panel frame.

Mid Rails/Divider – provide structural support and are inserted for panels at certain heights (1800mm) Mid rail can be chosen on smaller sizes to cover up door handles or mullions to provide cleaner look. Typically, mid rail with also be the point at which groups of blades are separated, meaning blades above or below the rail will operate independently.

Louvre/Blades – the horizontal slats within the panel, which are available in 63mm, 89mm and 114mm.

Bottom rail makes up the bottom of every panel to provide strength through the panel frame.

How to install PVC Shutters?

Read these instructions thoroughly before installing your shutters.

Your installation will go very smoothly once you understand the steps involved, and follow them one by one.


  1. Check the packaging box carefully before open the packaging, see if there are any transport damages

  2. Check the carton outside label to find out the location of the shutters.

  3. Do not dispose of packaging until shutters are operating appropriately.

  4. Find working space to assemble you frame (preferably in front of the window).

  5. Carefully remove panels and frames from the packaging, check the packaging label (with X mark) to find out the location of following hardware.

  6. Do not mix panels or frames from other windows.


1 Getting Started

Each side of your frame kit will be labeled as top, bottom, left or right on the frame cutting side. Lay the frame out on the floor face up.

Position the corners of the frame on a flat surface and line up the Hoffman key. The Hoffman key will hold the two corners together and is inserted with the rounded side facing up and the flat side level with the back of the frame.

Shutter Frame Positioning

Install DIY Shutters Step 1

Shutter T-Post Securing

Install DIY Shutters Step 2

2 T-Post

If your frame kit has a T Post the top and bottom will be labelled. Line up the pre drilled holes with the top and bottom of the frame and secure with screws provided.


3 Installing the Frame

Position the assembled frame evenly around the inside of the window frame and secure with the screw into the upper left hand frame only. Once the left side is secured, level the frame inside the window and secure with a screw into the upper right hand side.

Installing the Frame

Install DIY Shutters Step 3

Secure the Shutter Frame

Install DIY Shutters Step 4

Place the panels in the frame one by one and insert hinge pins into the hinges.

The hinges on the shutter panel can be adjusted slightly up or down if required.

Place all panels in the closed position inside the shutter frame.

Once your panels have been positioned and secured with the hinge pins, make sure your panels are even across the bottom. If the panels do not line up shift the frame from left to right until your panel’s lines up.

Once the panels have been lined up secure the bottom left hand frame with the screws provided. After securing the bottom left side, secure the bottom right side. Check the gaps between the panels and frame and adjust accordingly with the hinge spacers provided (if needed).

Place the panels in the frame

Install DIY Shutters Step 5

Secure the shutter with the hinge pins

Install DIY Shutters Step 6

Now that you have secured the top and bottom corners, and your panel operates properly, secure with the screws the middle of the bottom, top and side frames (move side frames in and out to achieve proper tolerance between panels and frame).

Some gaps between the shutter frame and the window frame may arise if your window is out of square, particularly on inside mount L frames. These gaps will need to be filled with white “no more gaps”.



We proudly manufacturer these shutters right here in Melbourne Australia.


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